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sewing session #14

29 Aug

I had a great time last night at my sewing lesson. Leyli and I were originally her only students on Thursday and recently another one of her students, Selvanna, joined in. We have only had two sessions were it was all three of us. At the first of this session, I thought it was too crowded, but as our lesson went along, I really enjoyed having another person there. We all chit chat and share work. It’s a great, fun environment that I love going to (another one of my havens).

As usaally Leyli and I we running late. Oops. Th past 2 nights I had been working on Joey’s shorts. Something was terribly wrong. (I forgot to snap a photo). I brought them so I could show Sha. At first she thought that I had don’t something very wrong and that I would have to un stitch everything and do it again. Fortunately after a few minutes of looking the piece over and a few minutes of laughter, I had just messed up a little. One of the back legs I placed upside down. Other than that Sha commended me on my work. I had placed the pockets correctly etc.

I did not work on my white top at all during the week. The past 2 sessions I don’t feel like I got anything done (sessions are only 2 hours). Session 12, I had to re cut fabric. Actually this session, I did quite a bit. The yoke of the top had 2 darts on the front and back yoke. And since I am using a very thin broad cloth, I doubled the yokes. So in all I was sewing 8 darts. This was much easier than my first attempt on my pink shirt. That was a struggle. My last session I attached backing to my straps and attached straps to the yoke. Also prepped the front for a small gather. Seems like a lot but still I don’t feel like I got much done.

This session though, I feel like I got a lot of work done. I like this project because it is helping me with my gathering technique. All 3 layers need to gathered. Majority of my work was getting my 3 layers sewn together and prepped. I gathered the on the yoke and the first of the layers. Just have to base stick my twill tape for the gather on the yoke and then sew the top layer and yoke together. After that it should be a breeze to go through. I will be finished with next lesson, if I don’t try to finish it at home. I am going to attempt to attach the zipper myself. I think I can be done with the very soon so I can start a new project. probably another top. I have 3 in mind.