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suckered by a sale once again

24 Aug

Last weekend I went to Joanne’s and once again they were having a sale. Every weekend there is a good variety of red tag fabric that is 50% off or 30% off. Something like that. I took advantage of the Simplicity pattern sale, 5 for $5. Originally I was going to buy 15 but thought against it as I have spent a lot of money already and just picked up some fabric with Leyli the other day. I settled on 10 instead and am amazed at how large my pattern collection is getting. I think I have close to 30 by far not a large as some collections. I also have 4 boxes full of fabric. Going on ebay doesn’t help either, but I have controlled myself on my ebay sprees. I am good for now on patterns and fabric even though it is so hard to resist when you come upon a really nice piece of fabric and a great price.

Here are just a few that I bought that I really liked:

2886: Dress pattern – I love dresses like these. I don’t have any fabric for this yet. I am thinking of getting something on the nicer, pricer side. I might look at the bargain fabric store up the street even though the guy gives me the creeps and is quite pushy. He does have good selection though of nicer fabrics for a reasonable price, so I might give it one more try. I’ll have to make a trip there where I have only a couple of patterns I will be working on.

3767: Pant/shorts pattern – The shorts I am making for Joey (style of the ones that I guy in the pic is wearing), cost only $3 including the pattern. Now that is a bargain. I plan to finish ther shorts tonight so I can have Sha serge them on Thursday. I want to make a pair for myself and can just use the same mens pattern with size adjustments. I am short so these go down to my ankle already. Just need to make them smaller in the waist and would not mind having the pant legs on the wider side.

2804: Dress/tops pattern – I fell in love with this pattern since I have been looking for something like this recently. I already have the perfect fabric to use. It’s a funky modern print in jersey knit. Also bought the fabric on sale the was total of $5. Can not wait to start this project. would love to have this finished for trade show I will be attending for work in Atlantic City. Seems Fairly easy.

2932: Apron dress pattern- this is so cute. It will be a couple of months before I start this project. Don’t have fabric either.

3882: dress/top pattern – I randomly bought fabric that my friend wasn’t going to buy. She liked the fabric but was not much of a burgundy wearer and didn’t know what to make with it. I had an idea right away and was going to make up my own pattern until I found this. I hope I have enough to make the dress. I will be starting this soon.

3640: Jogging suit pattern – I want to make a bunch of these to lounge in at home or when i’m just running errands. Will be starting this very soon in hopes to have one made for my trip to Atlantic City. It’s comfy for travel and hassel free. Can’t wait to get started. need to buy fabric though. Thinking of either black or light blue. Not sure yet.