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new projects

13 Dec

I haven’t finished my holiday gifts!! EEK. I need to finish them up tomorrow. I got most of the cutting done. I just need to cute the fabric for 2 more bags. I am thinking og playing around with putting a zipper on one of the makeup bags to see how that works out. Will also be interesting to see how sewing throught vinyl will be as well.
I was just given a Nano as an early holiday gift. Today I searched around for a case and just picked up a small coin purse but I am thinking that I want to make another one since this one is a bit small when I have the earbuds plugged in. Of course my case will have to be pink just like my pod. so girly.
Another project that I want to work on is pajama’s for my friends little girl. She just turned 4 and I was given this really cute ballet themed fabric for little girls. Thought it will make a cute gift. If I have enough I can try to make a night gown and a pajama set or I can make a pajama set with shorts or pants for her to choose from. We will see. I will probably try to work on this with Leyli since this it’s for her God daughter.
Last night I pulled out sculpty clay that I have had for ever and started to make the pin toppers. I made a pin cushion, 2 swirled Lollipop and a banana. I was starting to make a cupcake when Little the terror came up and started to eat the bottom half. Oh well. I might try again tonight. I need to come up with some themes though. Also need to work faster with it since it warms up really quickly and then too soft to work with.

fabrics for current projects

4 Dec


just a peek of the fabrics I am using for my current projects. I hope to get them all done by the end of this week if not sooner. I have already made 2 baskets. Need to make one more and then make the little makeup bags. I am not sure about the fabric for the inside of the last bag. I might swap it with something else. Actually I am not feeling the whole combo right now. Will have to see.

sew sew weekend

30 Nov

Went to Joann’s on Friday to just look around with Joey. I ended up getting some material to make a pillow for him. Very simpl project. He likes it when I make him pillows and I as I was browsing the pattern section he went off to look for fabric. He came back with a flame pattern. I sent him back to get a pillow while I went to pick out felt. I’ve been needing to get felt for my sewing accessories pattern that I picked up a few months back. Since I am on a pink kick i just had to get hot pink. I was in luck it was on sale for 1.99 a yard. WOO HOO.

The pillow I bought was larger than the first one so I had to make some adjustment to the pattern. Also had do it by memory a bit. It was easy and took me about a half hour or less. Wasn’t looking at the time. Joey loved it so much he used it that night. Now he has two pillows and the first one I ever made now lives in the living room and our bed houses the flame one and the skulls one. SOOO does not go with my duvet cover but whatever.

So Leyli wasn’t able to come by on Friday sand we made plans for Saturday. I woke up early and didn’t want to go back to bed so I looked through my cloth collection and unfinished projects. I found fabric that was bought about 5 years ago that would match the living room decor. I have enough to make 3 pillows. One for the large pillow that is micro suede and for 2 others that I will need to buy pillows for. I desperately need to make a cover for the larger pillow so that the micro suede would not get messed up.

I spent the saturdat morning watching the rest of project runway Australia while cutting out the rest of the sewing accessories pattern. I decided to make the larger pillow while waiting for Leyli to come by. I could have made another but decided to just organize my things a bit more. Below are pics of the pillow made.

new pillow cases

new pillow cases

Since I cut out all the little patterns for the sewing accessories and I had felt, I wanted to make a little basket that would match my sewing bag. It took me about an hour and a half to finish the whole thing. I’m happy with it. It’s cute. I might add some snaps so that I will be able to keep it closed so the kitties won’t try to steal pins from the pin cushion. adding the snaps will be a good addition. I can then make a few more and give them out as holiday gifts.

sewing basket to match my sewing machine cover and sewing bag

sewing basket to match my sewing machine cover and sewing bag

I have a shirt pattern cut out already so I will be laying it out and cutting the fabric tonight. I decided to start cutting patterns out when I am watching tv. That way I am not wasting time later on.

weekend update

1 Sep

Did a lot of sewing over the weekend just an update on projects. Sorry no pics, will post those when the projects are done.

Shorts – I un-stitched the pocket and upside back panel that I spoke about in the previous post. Restitched correctly and restitched pocket. Hemmed both legs and now I need to buy twill tape to use as the drawstring. Also since I don’t have the button hole foot I have to stitch that by hand. Then it’s just one more step and the shorts are done.

Layered white top – attached all three layers together. Hemmed the bottom layer. Now just need to buy a white zipper. Might wait till Thursday to have Sha show me how to attach zipper.

Sewing machine cover – have back panel stitched together. Making a minor adjustment for the front. Think that I will be able to finish this tonight. I want to make the little sewing baskets to keep on my desk so I can put my some sewing tools in there and away from the thieving kitties. The two girls kitties love to steal my pins. I am afraid that they will swallow them.

I also went to Joann’s to pick up something for work. I saw these pattern storing boxes that matched my sewing box so of course I had to buy that. I bought the 3 they had. I needed a box for my patterns. They were starting to get out of control.

Tonight I am going to cut out the patterns for my next project. I might try out pants but not sure. Most likely I will stick to making tops. Oh I have also decided to make another one of the layered ruffled top but in another color. either light blue of in black. not sure yet.

current Projects

20 Aug

1)Layered White sleeveless top – started on 12th lesson: using a very pretty teal and gold ribbon as the straps – thin white broad cloth.

2)men’s shorts: blue thin flannel for Joey to wear around the house.

3)sewing machine cover: to match my sewing bag – see picture in a future post

4)Bathroom curtains – Sheer Teal and blue fabric: scared to start as this is fabric is hell to work with