2 years

8 Sep

It’s been 2 years and 3 days since I last posted. It’s almost been 2 years since I’ve sewn ANYTHING. A lot has gone on in my life. NOV 2009 I adopted a dog who has brought A LOT of great people into my life. I’ve moved to a different apartment in 2010. This year I started painting but then stopped for a bit. Picking it up again because I want to give paintings to some of my friends that I think they will really enjoy. I’ve also been very heavily involved with my ceramic work. That’s were my creative attention goes to nowadays. Lastly, the theme options have grown since 2 years ago and I have updated it. I couldn’t have found a better theme to use. It’s exactly what I wanted.

I will be trying to get back into sewing at least little things. My neighbor Ann (best neighbor ever) used to be in costumes. She knows a lot about sewing. Since her wedding is now over she said she would like to start sewing again so hopefully she and I can sew together and I won’t have to lug things around too far. I haven’t really gone through all my sewing stuff. I need to though. I misplaced a lot of things when I moved and I have A LOT of projects that I would like to whip out.

Well I hope it will be sooner than 2 years and 3 days before I post again. I’m trying to be better posting on all my blogs. I think I have too many but it’s nice to have things separate. I have one for my art, one for sewing, one for cooking, one for French Macaron, and one for shits and giggles.



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