10 Apr

This post has nothing to do with any sewing project that is in the works, but has something to do with the looks I am after.
Does anyone watch Private Practice? I love the wardrobe of Kate Walsh’s character Addison Forbes Montgomery. I’ve recently started to become an avid watcher of this show and have noticed her clothing. I love the colors, the style, etc of what she wears. Some of pieces as absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
I have been going through some of the patterns that I have bought and noticed many of them were similar. I’ve been doing some sketches of the outfits and altering them a bit to fit my personality a bit more.
I don’t know when I will ever get around to making something out of those patterns and or sketching. I don’t even know when I will really start up sewing again. I hope it is soon. I do miss it and when it’s the wee hours of the morning I have an itching to sew. Hopefully this weekend I will complete a top. My weekends are have freed up a bit. I don’t know…


One Response to “Wardrobe”

  1. Kelly April 12, 2009 at 12:56 pm #

    Oh I agree 100% Addie is one of the best dressed characters on tv. I love her wardrobe.

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