new projects

13 Dec

I haven’t finished my holiday gifts!! EEK. I need to finish them up tomorrow. I got most of the cutting done. I just need to cute the fabric for 2 more bags. I am thinking og playing around with putting a zipper on one of the makeup bags to see how that works out. Will also be interesting to see how sewing throught vinyl will be as well.
I was just given a Nano as an early holiday gift. Today I searched around for a case and just picked up a small coin purse but I am thinking that I want to make another one since this one is a bit small when I have the earbuds plugged in. Of course my case will have to be pink just like my pod. so girly.
Another project that I want to work on is pajama’s for my friends little girl. She just turned 4 and I was given this really cute ballet themed fabric for little girls. Thought it will make a cute gift. If I have enough I can try to make a night gown and a pajama set or I can make a pajama set with shorts or pants for her to choose from. We will see. I will probably try to work on this with Leyli since this it’s for her God daughter.
Last night I pulled out sculpty clay that I have had for ever and started to make the pin toppers. I made a pin cushion, 2 swirled Lollipop and a banana. I was starting to make a cupcake when Little the terror came up and started to eat the bottom half. Oh well. I might try again tonight. I need to come up with some themes though. Also need to work faster with it since it warms up really quickly and then too soft to work with.

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