holiday gifts & ideas

2 Dec

I went to Joann’s to pick up some fabric to make my friend her holiday gift. Picked out some cute fabrics in hues of blue. Since I am making those baskets into makeup bags I am eliminating the side handles. Maybe only but one and adding snaps. I might play around with putting a zipper. will have to play around. Also I bought plastic vinyle for super cheap 2.99 a yard which will go a long way since I don’t need that much.

As I was in line I saw some cute fabric left over bundles on sale. I picked those up along with a fat quarter to make a bag for my mom. I am having fun mixing up fabrics. From the bundle pin I picked up this really pretty butterfly print on a cream/tanish background and pairing it up with a muted limish green fabric w/ white polka dots. Inside I wil have a pink flowered fabric.

Later on in the day I was browsing the internet and saw a cute handmade pins. I am also a clay artist and thought “hey why not make those to to give to my sewing buddies”. Also I am interested in doing a sewing swap one of these days. Just need to find that site with swaps and everything. So with that in mind I went oackto Joann’s. Just a different location. I picked up some other snaps that I needed along and started to look for pins. I could find the ones I wanted until I went to quilting section and there they were. Whew I was getting ansy for a second.

I just had to look at the larger selection of fat quarters. So I picked up 6. Two of them are sewing themes. I will e giving my instructor Sha a little basket with a pin cushion and pins with handmade toppers. The other I will save for a swap whenever I get involved with one. The last set I picked up is for me. It matches my current makeup travel  case.  I have fabric at home to make one for my sewing buddy. She likes black red and white and likes the rocker punk theme. I thought that i would make some cute pins for her too and another pin cushion.

I spent last night cutting out the the fabric. I cut out too much of felt. Silly me. But it’s okay I can use still use it. Just need to sew it together. I was only to finish one basket but I did sew do most of the sewing for the other parts. Tonight I will sew the last one and then start playing around with making the makeup bags.

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