thankful for – thanksgiving :: sewing/creative plans

26 Nov

this year is almost over. I am thankful for all the wonderful things that have been going on in my life along with the not so wonderful. I am thankful for sewing, an outlet that I desperately wanted to try out. Just thankful that I am alive, healthier and happier this year than in previous years.

on another happy note, I will be starting up sewing again. I started up and almost finished a top but then was side tracked. My friend Leyli and will be meeting up on Friday for some fun sewing projects. We are trying to get back our creative nights again.

ceramics classes will be ending in about a month and there will be about a month of limited studio access so I will be able to take time on Saturdays and dedicate it to sewing. YAY. I miss it. I started to cut out the pattern for my next project. I have been losing weight so I am able to cut them to a smaller size. WOO HOO.

no telling when I will get photos up. I am borrowing my parents computer since mine has crashed. BOO. But I did get a copy of the full Adobe suite so I will be able to store it on there when I get my computer back.

have a great turkey day!!


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