sewing again

4 Nov

I started to sew again last night. It has been well over a month since the last time I touched my sewing machine. I decided to finish up my white top. I still need to add buttons and elastic. Cut bias tape and add to the sleeves. I think I did something wrong but whatever. It still works and it’s super cute. I tried it one last night and loved it. It will look so good with dark jeans. OH, i also have to tact the inner collar piece. I hate those things. I know they are needed but they are just a big pain in the ass.

I don’t know when i will ever post images of the finished items. I know I am such a slacker. haha. Work and my other creative outlet of creating ceramic vessels have gotten in the way.

Tonight I will be cutting out another pattern to start. Not sure what I will make this time. Probably another top.

On another not. I found Mood, the fabric store that the designers go to in project runway. This one is in L.A. I wasn’t even looking for it. Joey and I went to a hugge art store called PEARL on La Cienega. As we were walking to the car, I saw the familiar logo. I said to Joey ” we are going there (pointing to the store) now” It was just across the way from us. Unfortunately, it was sunday and they were closed. BOO. I will have to go some other time.

Will try to update again soon.


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