freaking buttonhole foot

13 Oct

I bought a set of different feet for my machine since mine only came with two (zig zag and zipper/cord foot). I was excited to try out the buttonhole foot but I don’t know how to use it. It’s not the automatic one where you just put the button on it and it automatically makes does it in one step. I have the one that you use for 4 steps but I don’t know where the hell the thing is for doing steps 1-4. I am assuming it is inside since there is a lever that says 1 -4. I don’t know. I am so disappointed. I wanted to play around with it.

I did however play with the other feet. Need more practice though. Think that I will take another 4 sessions with Sha next month and bring my machine with me or just take one session for a foot tutorial. I am thinking of just buying the automatic buttonhole foot online. Boo.


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