f and s adventure.

15 Sep

I’ve been wanting to go to F & S for some time now. Not to buy anything, but to see what fabrics they had. Most of the times I wanted to go, I tried to plan my little adventure over there but never found the time or I was just not in the mood to go. So yesterday (Sunday) Joey and I were just out and about in Glendale looking at random places and eating at my favorite little taco stand (El Sauz, best Al Pastor and Asada taco at great prices), when we found ourselves not knowing what to do. We were going to check out the Americana but thought it might be to crowded. Joey is a bit weird when it comes to very crowded places.

We are in the car driving back home when I noticed it was still very early and I would have time to finally check out F & S. I called 411 and got a accounting firm at first. The second time I called I got the right #. The lady I spoke to was a bit of a ditz when I asked for directions so I quickly hung up and started to drive. 15 minutes later we were there. F & S has 4 stores. 3 of them are for home decorating. We of course went to the wrong store first.

When we got there, we were nicely greeted by a sales associate. I was very excited to look around but being with Joey, I knew I would be on a time frame. Not that he would be pressuring me to leave, more on the note that I don’t like someone following me around every where I go when I am shopping. There are 5 rooms of fabric. The main room being split up between notions and trims and fabrics. I knew this place had the very high end fabrics so I was not going to buy anything unless it was on sale. No such luck. I just browsed, there were only a few that really caught my eye.

As I was making my way back to the main room, I passed a bin of dollar patterns. I pick out 3 (two skirts and one jacket pattern) and made my way to the notions section. Picked up a bodkin at only 1.50 and pair of black button with chinese characters in shell. Besides their everyday sewing notions, F & S is pretty expensive. As we walked back to the car I said to Joey “I will not be buying fabric here until I feel that I am better in my sewing skills”. he agreed. I then noticed a store that had a huge sign saying fabric. I wanted to go but thought against it not knowing if it really was worth the trip over. I decided to drive by to get a better look anyway. Boy was a glad that I did.

When we walked in I noticed some really lovely silks for sales at great prices $6.99 a yard. I qucikly started to look over the entire store. In the back, there were some really lovely prints. Joey encouraged me to purchase some yardage. I’m not used to paying for something over $8 a yard so I thought, “I guess I can invest on something really good and get 3 yards”. It was priced at $8.95 a yard down from $13.95. The guy who owns the place then told me that he is liquidating a lot of fabrics and that section was $2.99 a yard. I can not skip on a good deal so I uped my yardage to 4 yards (fabric is dark blue with tan flowers). I went back and grabbed the same print in black and got 3 yards. Then went back to pick up out another print that I was eyeing. It looks very 80’ish. Multicolor woven look and something I would in general never buy. It’s very good quality though and I know exactly what type of top I want to make with it. I only bought 2 yards. Didn’t want to buy too much. Also found out that originally it was $17.95 a yard down to $2.99. That is just crazy. I stopped myself there and bought a few more buttons. I bought a really cute gold button with rhinestones for the white top I am working on, only to find out that I needed to buy 3 of them. Boo. I guess I will be using that for something else and using the dragon flies instead.

Overall, I was satisfied with my little adventure to F&S. I didn’t really find anything there, but found another store that I will be going back to when I am back from my trip to Atlantic City and after my rent is paid.


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