session #15

5 Sep

Let’s see… what did I accomplish this last session? I am pretty much finished with my White layered top. Will post image tomorrow along with other finished images. I just need to sew on side of a zipper and I am done. Woo hoo.

I used the serger for the first time. Was a bit scared at first, but after about half a minute I got a hang out it and had a blast. Since my tops had many layers, I used the serger a lot. Also I used the serger for Joey’s pants which are also done. I will be making a pair for myself in a pink plaid with gold to wear around the house. I am going to skip the outer pockets. Don’t need them.

Other than that, we were late again. I helped Leyli make a bag for a present to someone. I was going to start to cut out my fabric but since the fabric is slippery and the table top is hard wood, I opted out to cut out patterns instead until Leyli was done. We stayed a bit longer, but oh well. We got what we needed done.

Next week will be my last session of this series and then I think I may take a break, or just go every other week. Not sure yet.

One Response to “session #15”

  1. mirela September 11, 2008 at 10:31 am #

    I’d love to see some pictures! Yuuupy for sergers!

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