weekend update

1 Sep

Did a lot of sewing over the weekend just an update on projects. Sorry no pics, will post those when the projects are done.

Shorts – I un-stitched the pocket and upside back panel that I spoke about in the previous post. Restitched correctly and restitched pocket. Hemmed both legs and now I need to buy twill tape to use as the drawstring. Also since I don’t have the button hole foot I have to stitch that by hand. Then it’s just one more step and the shorts are done.

Layered white top – attached all three layers together. Hemmed the bottom layer. Now just need to buy a white zipper. Might wait till Thursday to have Sha show me how to attach zipper.

Sewing machine cover – have back panel stitched together. Making a minor adjustment for the front. Think that I will be able to finish this tonight. I want to make the little sewing baskets to keep on my desk so I can put my some sewing tools in there and away from the thieving kitties. The two girls kitties love to steal my pins. I am afraid that they will swallow them.

I also went to Joann’s to pick up something for work. I saw these pattern storing boxes that matched my sewing box so of course I had to buy that. I bought the 3 they had. I needed a box for my patterns. They were starting to get out of control.

Tonight I am going to cut out the patterns for my next project. I might try out pants but not sure. Most likely I will stick to making tops. Oh I have also decided to make another one of the layered ruffled top but in another color. either light blue of in black. not sure yet.


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