sewing machine

24 Aug

About 3 weeks into my sewing adventure, I wanted to get a machine. My aunt who lives in Vegas said I could have her new Simplicity machine but I would have to get it. She wasn’t going to ship it even if I paid for it. Crap! I really wanted a machine badly and Sha (my instructor) said that Kenmore was a really good brand. for about a week I went on Craigslist looking for machines. There were a few I was going to settle on but decided against it. Gas prices were so high that is wasn’t worth it. On a friday I was going to go to long beach and pick one up but still not too satisfied as it was not a Kenmore. As luck would have it, the very nest day a nice couple posted this machine. I was thrilled and e-mailed right away hoping that is was not taken yet. They e-mailed and arrangements were made for pick up on Sunday (this was fathers day).
Sunday rolled around and Joey and i picked up my little machine. Originally they wanted $45 which was still a great deal but since feet were missing, they settles on $40. I was so happy and could not have asked for a better machine. I am currently working on sewing cover to match my pretty sewing bag.

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