finished projects

20 Aug

So far I have made quite a few things. Some I started and finished with my instructor Sha and others started and finished at home or started and finished with Sha. Here is a listing of my completed projects so far:

1st Lesson: Pillow case
2nd Lesson: Hand bag – Geisha Print – fully completed with handles on 4th lesson
3rd and 4th Lesson: Pajama Pants – used a paw print – have worn a few times but need to wash so it’s not so scratchy.
5th lesson: Skirt – Finished at home but made it too bog so I wear it as a dress around the house.
6th, 7th and 8th lesson: Top cute tan and blue flower fabric (which I should have bought more of) with blue belt under bust
9th and 11th lesson: Pink chinese top with gold buttons
12th lesson: start of a new top

Projects made at home:
Skull pillow case
2 handbags – fashion print with mannequins one red (for my friends birthday: sewing partner in crime) one pink – we have matching bags, i love the handles I used for hers.
Tan striped skirt with a puff. – Didn’t like so much, wished there was more poof to it.


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